Braid hair
Braids are one of those hairstyles that will never go out of fashion. Always popular, always interesting and easy to visually stunning – braids were found in at least one head almost all women. One, two, or full of hair simply can not go wrong.... Pročitaj više >
Formal hairstyles for weddings What hairstyle to choose for a wedding? The wedding day is probably the most important day in your life and for this reason surely you want to look your best that day. Classic styling with raised hair has always been the most popular hairstyles for women, on their wedding day, and we therefore recommend that you choose one of the hairstyle with hair raised, such as '' Double'' bounce. If you want some of the more classical styling and you have long hair... Pročitaj više >
Long hair
Long hair is always in fashion. It has always been a symbol of femininity. How would your long hair made even more beautiful, it is necessary to be nourished, because nobody wants to cracked tops and dry, dull hair.... Pročitaj više >
Short hair
Short hairstyles Short hair styles pixie haircut are feminine, gentle, elegant, yet glamorous, sporty and funky. Short hair is in fashion, but before you decide on a radical haircut, well did you think of it, as it is ready to return to the old time-consuming. Many believe that short hair is masculine, although this is not true.  On the contrary, hairstyles with short hair are very feminine, delicate and elegant, yet can be glamorous, sporty and funky. Spring is the perfect time for a ... Pročitaj više >
Hair tattoo
Hair tattoos, tattoo on her hair as a hit among young people (and those who feel that way). After a variety of hairstyles, hair ornaments, cut to zero, etc. Venture, it's time for something even more crazy and different.  Tattoo on her hair! Although it sounds painful and scary, and some have already called for the "tattoo" is stopped, the process is actually quite painless, it is simplest haircut. As mentioned, the process is painless, and all it requires is a little patience. After you sel... Pročitaj više >

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