Knjiga dojmova

Tko je bio na Visu, a da nije upoznao Zokya, na Visu ustvari i nije bio.Meni osobno, doci na Vis i ne vidjeti Zokya, nije to to. Vis ima svoje legende, jedna od njih je svakako Zoky.Ne znam, ne mogu to precizno objasniti i izraziti, ali meni je Zoky zakon. Kada dodem u Komižu, volim se barem prosetati Ribarskom i zbog njega  i naravno susresti Zokya kako vrijedno radi. Za mene je Zoky definitivno simbol otoka Visa, kao i naravno Komiže.

Frizerski salon "ZOKY" (otok vis) Preporučam najboljeg i najmaštovitijeg frizera koji vam može napravit kakvu god frizuru zamislite u što su se mnogi uvjerili......

Kad vas put dovede u Komižu, obavezno posjetit salon Zoky!!!

Zoky is my favorite salon to get pamper and receive the best haircut in my Birth place Komiza on the Island Vis,Croatia. When I left Komiza sixty eight years ago my father Jakov Bucci was the best ZOKY barber shop  Croatia Hrvatska in Komiza, and now in Komiza the best Zoky barber is Zoran Repanic.

Visit to hairdresser Zoky the town’s  only barber to experience a new hobby of mine: testing “I want a George Clooney” in as many countries as I can. Well, he did Croatia/Vis/Komiza proud with I think the best haircut I have had for at least 10 years.  Then back home to see the reactions: Tierra “huh? did you get it cut?” was the best.

I was no a day trip when I found Zoky Hairdressing in Komiža, after not going to Wales for years I now go every six weeks. Living in Manchester I have been to many many hair salons but none has ever took the time to find out what I wanted. Zoky hairdresser was so helpful and the cut was so good the drive is well worth it.

It's difficult to pin point just one aspect of the salon experience I recently encountered. But to sum it up in one word I'd say unique. It's rare to find such quality, talent and expertise away from the city. Well done  for attracting such talent and skill to your town. This is extended to all the staff who make up the family at Zoky Hairdressing. I discovered the salon whilst on holiday here and it's my best find to date! Keep up the good work.

Zoky  just a quick note to say thank you to you and all your staff. My son's wedding went well, good day had by all. Thanks again for all you and your team did for me and my family on the day, you and your team did so much more than you had to.

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my hair for my wedding. You were able to create exactly the look I wanted.. Thanks again

Thank you so much for the amazing job you did on my hair and my bridesmaids for our wedding on the 29th July. You knew exactly what we all wanted and mine and all the girls hair looked so beautiful; we received lots of compliments all day thanks to you and your wonderful creativity! My hair was exactly how I wanted it and it stayed in so well all day! Thank you for being so flexible also as I know a few changes were made leading up to the day. We will definitely continue to reccommend you to others, and you never know, with 2 more sisters to go, we will hopefully see you again in the future!
Thank you  Alice


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